The cornerstone of TomaHawk's business is our state of the art manufacturing facility coupled with over 20+ years of manufacturing experience.
Subsequently, TomaHawk is able to manufacture all of its products "in house” with stringent guidelines for material specifications and overall quality control.
Our ISO 9001:2015 certification testifies to an unyielding commitment to quality in everything we manufacture.
Machine Shop Facility
TomaHawk's machine shop facility consists of over 60,000 square feet of climate controlled area housing over 65 CNC lathes and mills and grinders as well as various other manually controlled lathes, mills, saws and other manufacturing equipment. Our air-conditioned facility ensures that our machine tools cut consistent, dimensionally accurate parts.
Welding Facility
TomaHawk's welding facility is equipped to lay tungsten carbide hard metal on wear pads, drive coupling lobes and stabilizers in addition to re-working worn drive couplings to return them to new condition. Our automated welding lathe is able to produce uniform wear pads with consistent thickness without the need for post grinding operations.
Shot Peening
TomaHawk has recently added an upgraded shot peening system to its growing list of manufacturing capabilities. Shot peening can be used to reduce surface cracking on parts with areas of high stress concentration such as threaded connections, radii, sharp corners etc. Shot peening bombards the surface of the part with steel balls or "shot” at just the right pressure and intensity. This relieves residual stresses and can reduce the occurrence of fatigue cracking in highly stressed parts.
Zinc Phosphate
We also have zinc phosphating capabilities, which helps the parts to retain oil and lubricating compounds to prevent corrosion and thread galling.



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